Since 2008 the “Rivista Euposia” together with the “Grand Jury Européen” (the most important authority in Europe for professional wine tasting) organises the only world championship of white sparkling wines produced with Metodo Classico.

Each year, about three hundred Metodo Classico spumanti from around twenty different countries of all continents take part.

Since the 2015 edition a number of important changes have been introduced:

  • the wine tasting commission has been reduced to 30 “technical” judges (oenologists, sommeliers and journalists) and 2 “popular” judges (chosen among the readers of “Euposia”);
  • the judges taste all the wines in the competition in two working days;
  • the judges (now anonymous) are at the disposal of the Wine cellars.

The prizes are defined as follows:

  • World Champion, Rosé World Champion;
  • National Champions (Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, etc.) and Continental Champions (America, Asia, Africa, Oceania);
  • Best Sparkling Wine (SW) from autochthonous vine plant
  • Best SW in Veneto
  • Best SW from Biological Agricolture


The Metodo Classico refers to the second fermentation in the bottle as encoded at the end of the 17th century by Dom Perignon, a monk from Reims, and represents excellence in the production of wines.

Famous Metodo Classico wines are the Champagne wines, the Spanish Cava, the Blanquette de Limoux, the Cremant from the Loire and Alsace, the South African “Cap Classique”, the English “Merreth method” wines and the Italian Franciacorta, Trentodoc, Oltrepo, Alta Langa, Durello and Alto Adige ones.

Metodo Classico sparkling wines are produced worldwide (from the Americas to Europe, from Africa to Asia to Oceania) for a total which easily exceeds one billion bottles per year.

In Europe Metodo Classico wines are produced in Portugal, Spain, France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, the Ukraine and Israel.

The principal Metodo Classico wine-making countries in the world are France, Spain, Russia, the USA, Italy and Australia.